Dog Walking

Dog Walking


All good dog owners know that a well exercised dog is a happy dog!

Life is busy! Perhaps your current schedule or circumstances prevent you from devoting as much time to your dog as you’d like. If this is the case, The Horsham Dog Walker is here to help!!



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Everyone likes a treat!


We are fortunate here in West Sussex to be surrounded by the most beautiful countryside. All our walks take place in safe fields and woodlands, far away from the danger of busy roads.

We walk several times a day to provide ultimate flexibility for you and your dog. All our walks are for a full hour, excluding collection and drop off times.

Our walks are off lead unless otherwise requested. This gives your dog plenty of opportunity to run and play with their friends. If your dog loves to swim or chase balls, these activities will be included where possible on their walk.

I pride myself on knowing each of my dogs personally and understanding their needs. Even within a group, each of my dogs receives the individual attention that they require.



While out walking I am completely focused on my dogs. You won’t find me talking on the phone or listening to music. Whilst in my care, your dogs are my number one priority and I take that responsibility very seriously.


All the Labs!

All the Labs!

Walks take place in all weathers and all seasons. In wet weather your dog will be towelled dry before being returned home.

My dogs always go home tired and happy. The wagging tails say it all!!!

Our Vehicle

All Wrapped Up!

HB and Beau, all wrapped up!!

We’ve tried to think of everything to keep your dog safe and happy whilst on the move!!

We use a car rather than a van as we don’t want your dog sitting in the dark with no view of the outside world! We have a spacious estate, fully kitted out with both front and rear dog guards and dog seat belts. We also carry a fully stocked dog first aid kit.

In the summer months we carry a cooler with plenty of water and dog bowls to keep everyone hydrated and comfortable. For those cold and rainy days, your dog can wrap up in one of our homemade doggy towel wraps, so they can warm up and dry off on the journey home.

We also carry lots of balls and swim toys……just for fun!!!

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My little otter!